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About me

Hi, glad you're here!  

Since I was a child, I have been passionate about stories and images. For this reason, and because I am fascinated by the expressiveness of these two elements, I dedicated myself to them during many years of study and work, finally making them my profession. 

In Colombia, I am a graduate as an audiovisual communicator and in Switzerland, I have obtained a Master of Arts in Visual Communication and Iconic Research at The Basel School of Design (HGK FHNW).  In addition, I have more than 15 years of experience in Mass media, especially in television and social media. Therefore, I have a broad knowledge of audiences and their behaviors and how to find the best visual solution according to their need.

I work with Swiss quality. I owe the knowledge of high standards to my academic and professional mentors in Switzerland. However, my Colombian heart is also always present in my work and is guaranteed to bring warmth, kindness, and many laughs to the process.  


So, I invite you to discover together the great potential your story has.


My approach

I firmly believe that highlighting the human aspects of a business or project has a very positive impact. Because a brand can not only be understood but it can also be felt, and by doing so you get much closer to your customers.  That's why I offer you the possibility of creating content using emotions, communication and design. And this is possible thanks to Storytelling combined with the high communicative potential of the image.
There are three basic fundamentals in my way of working in order to not only reach the maximum potential of storytelling in your company or project, but also to enrich our work as collaborators.
Who better than you to explain yourself? We will build the concept together and you will be involved in the creation process.
In the creative process, I want to know everything about your story in order to capture it through feelings, human connections and brand values. Therefore, direct contact with you is very important during the process.
Human warmth
Swiss quality with Latin warmth doesn't sound bad, does it?
Just as quality is very important. So are human contact, a comfortable and flexible atmosphere. Professionalism with a positive attitude is what I would love to offer you :)

Way of working

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