Graphic Design 

《I want to draw him》is a publication about the Oeuvre of the artist Narine Grigoryan-Scheidler. By the content and form of the book, the reader can navigate through the crucial stages of the life of this Armenian artist: her personal history, the exploration with paper and tools, besides her most relevant Artwork, the sketches of human figures, "with the aim to abandon the characteristics of conventional catalogs and instead to open a quasi-space between gallery art and mass-produced book".

Co-producer: Daria Pelekhay.


Design & Paper, conceived by Europapier Group  has made a publication of this project exalting the design and characteristics of this book.



As the visual content developer for the NGO Netzwärk, I created all the graphic content, photography, and video for the website.


For the International Office from School of Management Fribourg in Switzerland, I have made some graphic design as poster and fliyers and beer label.

Haute école de gestion Fribourg HEG-FR

Hochschule für Wirtschaft Freiburg



Sometimes, you don't think about how your life is in contrast to others in the world... Are we different? Are we similar?

33 people in 23 countries during the week of March 4-11, 2018 had the task of discovering the answers to these questions.  

      The exercise was to take 5 pictures during the week of their daily life. In addition, they synchronized on Saturday, March 10th by taking a picture of what they were doing right at 10:00, 13:00, 17:00 and 20:00.
       This book is the product of that exercise. The result is an incredible diversity and similarity of people's lives around the world.

Of course we are different!

Of course we are the same!