We all have a story.  I would love to help you tell yours.

    About me   


Visual Communicator | Video creative | Storyteller

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Hi! I am Nati


I consider myself a collector of stories and a professional at knowing how to tell them, mainly through the image. Therefore, I have spent almost half of my life learning and understanding the visual world to bring its potential to you.

       I graduated as Audiovisual Communicator. Recently, I achieved the title of Master of Arts in Visual Communication and Iconic Research at The Basel School of Design HGK FHNW. In parallel, I have 15 years of work experience, mainly in television. But I have also collaborated on projects in other media such as photography, graphic design and design consultancy.
Thus, my professional experience and academic knowledge are oriented to the conceptualization and execution of Visual Design from an aesthetic, cognitive and philosophical point of view.

       My goal is to offer you high professional quality and visual knowledge at the conceptual level. At the same time, I want to give you human warmth in the process that I hope we can undertake together.



I have three fundamental principles to guide my work towards efficiency.




In the creative process, I must be submerged in the story in order to communicate a message that is internalized through feelings, human connections, and brand values.

      Therefore, direct contact and knowledge about who you are, what do you do, what you need, what do you want to communicate, are essential questions to fulfill the objective we have.

Together is better

Who's better than you at explaining yourself?

   We will build the concept together. In addition, you will be fully involved in how the visual world works and what is best for you and your needs.

I am here, but I am from there...

Swiss quality with Latin warmth doesn't sound bad, does it?

      Not only the quality is the most important thing. So are human contact, a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, and empathy. Professionalism with a positive attitude is what I would love to offer you  :)


Impact plan

How do we work together?

"Impact" is the concept behind the working structure that I carry out during the process of design and visual creation. With this work map the client can be guided during the development of the product.




'Aesthetics' time

The development of visual product

'Making' the concept

I design a concept base on the information I got from you, your needs and the best visual options for you.



'In touch'

with the client

First contact with you

Who are you?

What do you do?

What do you need?

How can I help you?


'Previous' checking

Together we review the concept before we start producing.

'Checking' and corrections

The submission a previous final product for possible corrections or approval.


'Turn in'

the final product